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(1) Each substance use disorder facility (SUDF) must develop and implement a policy and procedure manual that includes:

(a) the philosophy of the SUDF;

(b) the SUDF goals;

(c) a description of the population the SUDF intends to serve;

(d) a delineation of the services to be provided;

(e) screening procedures for all referrals;

(f) admission criteria which includes addressing priority admission protocols for critical populations;

(g) program limitations and exclusions;

(h) methods to be followed when a person is found ineligible for services including active referral to a level of care deemed appropriate through the biopsychosocial assessment;

(i) steps to follow for a wait list that includes unique client identifiers, referrals to other treatment facilities, and removing clients only when they cannot be located or refuse treatment;

(j) procedures outlining how facilities and services must provide for privacy and separation by sex;

(k) steps to ensure smoking is not permitted, as required under the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act;

(l) the management, storage, and disposal of prescription and over the counter drugs if applicable as stated in ARM 37.106.1457;

(m) client transportation;

(n) drug and alcohol laboratory testing methods, collection, and storage procedures, including:

(i) how testing is used as part of a non-punitive therapeutic process including how the use of testing and results become part of the client's treatment plan; and

(ii) process addressing client refusal to submit for laboratory testing or drug and alcohol screening and confirmation testing;

(o) arranging for medical and mental health services when clinically indicated in the biopsychosocial assessment or treatment plan reviews for all clients and within 48 hours of admission for critical populations;

(p) screening clients for critical populations at the time of admission;

(q) limitations and requirements of group counseling sessions to include client/staff member ratio, appropriate for the level of care being rendered;

(r) provision of services to family members and significant others;

(s) medical emergencies;

(t) youth program policies in ARM 37.106.1455; and

(u) any additional policy and procedures as required by this subchapter.


History: 50-5-103, 53-24-208, MCA; IMP, 50-5-101, 50-5-103, 53-24-207, 53-24-208, 53-24-306, 76-2-411, MCA; NEW, 2010 MAR p. 2975, Eff. 12/24/10; AMD, 2022 MAR p. 1889, Eff. 9/24/22.

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