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(1) In addition to the licensing requirements in ARM 37.106.1471, a SUDF operating as a single sex parent and children ASAM 3.1 facility, must meet the following requirements: 

(a) care management services must address the needs of the client's children in care;

(b) parenting skills must be addressed with evidence-based models that focus on the demands of being a parent in recovery; and

(c) the SUDF must provide age-appropriate services to meet the children's needs. Services include childcare, medical appointments, legal services, transportation, educational services, and recreational services.

(2) Cleaning materials, flammable liquids, detergents, aerosol cans, and other poisonous and toxic materials must be kept in their original containers and in a place inaccessible to children. The materials must be used in such a way that will not contaminate play surfaces, food, food preparation areas, or constitute a hazard to the children.

(3) No extension cords can be used as permanent wiring. All appliances, lamp cords, and exposed light sockets must be suitably protected to prevent electrocution.

(4) Indoor and outdoor play areas must be clean, reasonably neat, and free from accumulation of dirt, rubbish, or other health hazards.

(5) Any outdoor play area must be maintained free from hazards such as wells, machinery, and animal waste. If any part of the play area is adjacent to a busy roadway, drainage or irrigation ditch, stream, large holes, or other hazardous areas, the play area must be enclosed with a fence in good repair that is at least four feet high without any holes or spaces greater than four inches in diameter or natural barriers to restrict children from these areas.

(6) Outdoor play areas must be designed to ensure all areas are always visible and easily supervised by staff members.

(7) Outdoor equipment, such as climbing apparatus, slides, and swings, must be anchored firmly, and placed in a safe location according to manufacturer's instructions. Recommended ground covers under these items include sand, fine gravel, or woodchips with a depth of the ground cover being at least six inches.

(8) Trampolines are prohibited for use by children in care.

(9) Toys, play equipment, and any other equipment used by children must be of substantial construction and free from rough edges, sharp corners, splinters, unguarded ladders on slides, and must be kept in good repair and well maintained.

(10) Toys and objects with a diameter of less than one inch (2.5 centimeters), objects with removable parts with a diameter of less than one inch (2.5 centimeters), plastic bags, Styrofoam objects, and balloons must not be accessible to children who are still placing objects in their mouths.

(11) The Emergency Montana Poison Control Center number, (800) 222-1222, must be posted at all telephone locations in the facility.

(12) Use of waterbeds, water mattresses, gel pads, or sheepskin covers for children's sleeping surfaces is prohibited.

(13) Each infant under 18 months of age must be provided with a crib for sleeping.

(14) Each child 18 months of age and older must be provided with a bed for sleeping.

(15) Cribs must be made of durable, cleanable, nontoxic material, and have secured latching devices.

(16) Cribs must have no more than 2 and 3/8 inches of space between vertical slats.

(17) Cribs must meet requirements for full-size baby cribs and non-full-size baby cribs as specified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission at 16 CFR Part 1219 and 16 CFR Part 1220 (2011), incorporated by these references. Copies of the requirements for full-size baby cribs and non-full-size baby cribs are available at https://www.cpsc.gov/SafeSleep.

(18) Crib mattresses must fit snugly to prevent the infant from being caught between the mattress and crib siderail. Crib mattresses must be waterproof and easily sanitized.

(19) Cribs, cots, or mats must be thoroughly cleansed before assignment to another infant or toddler.

(20) Age-appropriate feeding equipment must be provided for every four infants or toddlers. This includes safe high-chairs, baby feeding tables, booster seats, and child-size tables and chairs. This equipment must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and must be appropriate for the age of the child using the equipment. Portable high-chairs that hook onto tables are prohibited.

(21) If the SUDF chooses to lock the facility door to prevent unauthorized access to the facility or to prevent a child from escaping, the facility must have no lock or fastening device which prevents free escape from the interior. Requirements include:

(a) locking devices must not require a key, a tool, or special knowledge or effort to open the door from the inside; and

(b) locked doors must be easily opened with one motion from the inside of the facility.


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