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(1) The facility may employ physical restraint only as allowed in 53-20-146 , MCA and only as:

(a) an emergency measure, but only if absolutely necessary to protect the client or others from injury; or

(b) a health-related protection prescribed by a physician, but only if absolutely necessary during the conduct of a specific medical or surgical procedure, or only if absolutely necessary for client protection during the time that a medical condition exists.

(2) The facility must not issue orders for restraint on a standing or as needed basis.

(3) A client placed in restraint must be checked at least every 30 minutes by staff trained in the use of restraints, released from the restraint as quickly as possible, and a record of these checks and usage must be kept.

(4) Restraints must be designed and used so as not to cause physical injury to the client and so as to cause the least possible discomfort.

(5) Opportunity for motion and exercise must be provided for a period of not less than 10 minutes during each two hour period in which restraint is employed, and a record of such activity must be kept.

(6) A licensed professional shall examine the client and provide written approval for restraint within the first three hours of placement and shall monitor and record the client's progress every 24 hours thereafter.

History: Sec. 50-5-103 and 50-5-238, MCA; IMP, Sec. 53-5-103, 50-5-201 and 50-5-238, MCA; NEW, 2003 MAR p. 1322, Eff. 7/1/03.

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