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(1) An EDC must have a screening procedure for the early detection of risk of imminent harm to self or others. The procedure must:

(a) be completed on the first contact; and

(b) include a process for responding when an immediate risk of harm is identified.

(2) An EDC must complete a clinical intake assessment within three contacts, for each client, and must be updated annually.

(3) Clinical intake assessments must be conducted by a licensed mental health professional trained in clinical assessments and must include the following information in a narrative form to substantiate the client's diagnosis and provide sufficient detail to plan of care goals and objectives:

(a) presenting problem and history of problem;

(b) mental status;

(c) diagnostic impressions;

(d) initial plan of care goals;

(e) risk factors to include suicidal or homicidal ideation;

(f) psychiatric history;

(g) substance use/abuse and history;

(h) current medication and medical history;

(i) financial resources and residential arrangements;

(j) education and/or work history; and

(k) legal history relevant to history of illness, including guardianships, civil commitments, criminal mental health commitments, and prior criminal background.

(4) The clinical intake assessment must include an assessment of the client's food-related behaviors including the client's beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, and behavior regarding food. The assessment may include family observations regarding the individual's food-related behavior when available.

(5) Within two weeks of admission into the program the EDC must perform or make a documented referral for the following tests, screenings, and procedures based on the needs of the client:

(a) complete blood count;

(b) comprehensive serum metabolic profile, including phosphorus and magnesium;

(c) thyroid function test;

(d) electrocardiogram (ECG), if clinically indicated;

(e) body mass index;

(f) screenings for eating disorder behaviors; and

(g) any additional laboratory testing, as determined appropriate.

(6) The EDC may accept test results required in (5) from other health care professionals completed within two weeks prior to acceptance for services.

(7) The EDC must maintain a current list of providers who accept referrals for assessments and services not provided by the EDC.


History: 50-5-247, MCA; IMP, 50-5-247, MCA; NEW, 2018 MAR p. 2214, Eff. 11/3/18.

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