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(1) A local health officer or the department may restrict a person employed or engaged in direct care of children, the elderly, or individuals who are otherwise at a high risk for disease from practicing an occupation or activity while infected by a reportable disease if, given the means of transmission of the disease in question, the nature of the person's work would tend to transmit the disease.

(2) No infectious person may engage in any occupation or activity involving the preparation, serving, or handling of food, including milk, to be consumed by others than their immediate family, until a local health officer determines them to be free of the infectious agent or unlikely to transmit the infectious agent due to the nature of their particular work.

(3) Persons involved in food preparation, serving, or handling of food may be subject to additional restrictions as specified in: "Food Code, 2013, Recommendations of the United States Public Health Service, Food and Drug Administration" published by National Technical Information Service, Publication PB2013-110462, ISBN 978-1-935239-02-4, November 3, 2013.

(4) Persons attending or residing in congregate settings may be subject to additional restrictions and exclusions to prevent further transmission as determined by the local health authority.


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