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(1) The local components of an analytical x-ray system shall be located and arranged and shall include sufficient shielding or access control such that no radiation levels exist in any area surrounding the local component group which could result in a dose to an individual present therein in excess of the dose limits given in ARM 37.14.709. For systems utilizing x-ray tubes, these levels shall be met at any specified tube rating.

(2) Radiation surveys, as required by ARM 37.14.720, shall be performed of all analytical x-ray systems sufficient to show compliance with (1) of this rule unless a registrant can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the department compliance in some other manner. These surveys shall be performed:

(a) upon installation of the equipment, and at least once every 12 months thereafter;

(b) following any change in the initial arrangement, number, or type of local components in the system;

(c) following any maintenance requiring the disassembly or removal of a local component in the system;

(d) during the performance of maintenance and alignment procedures if the procedures require the presence of a primary x-ray beam when any local component in the system is disassembled or removed;

(e) any time a visual inspection of the local components in the system reveals an abnormal condition; and

(f) whenever personnel monitoring devices show a significant increase over the previous monitoring period or the readings are approaching the limits specified in ARM 37.14.705.

(3) Each area or room containing analytical x-ray equipment shall be conspicuously posted with a sign or signs bearing the radiation symbol and the words "CAUTION--X-RAY EQUIPMENT", or words having a similar intent.

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