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(1) Adult services must be provided in accordance with the performance requirements in this rule.

(2) A contractor providing adult services, other than a contractor providing transportation services that are also available to the general public and contracting with the department to provide only transportation services, must comply with the performance requirements in this rule. All performance requirements are to be met as provided in department rules and the contract with the department.

(3) In the provision of adult services, the contractor must:

(a) ensure that all facilities used in the provision of services meet all applicable licensure requirements and health and safety codes;

(b) maintain and implement policies and procedures for a safe, healthy environment for all individuals served;

(c) maintain and implement policies and procedures which ensure health monitoring occurs and necessary medical assistance is provided or sought for all individuals served;

(d) provide supervision, support, care, education and training according to the needs of the individual and as specified by the IP team;

(e) implement any assigned activities of the IP;

(f) maintain and implement policies and procedures to assist individuals and staff in emergencies such as medical problems, behavior intervention, disasters, and other similar emergencies;

(g) participate in the IP team process, recommending objectives, as applicable, to the IP team for the individual;

(h) coordinate transportation to assist the individual in meeting the individual's needs;

(i) adhere to the service component definitions when specified in the contract; and

(j) provide additional or specialized services or requirements when specified in the contract.

(4) Service options and funding sources may have specific requirements that must be met.

(5) In the provision of intensive adult services, the contractor, in addition to the criteria in (3) , must:

(a) provide the level of care, habilitation and guidance necessary to meet the intensive needs of the individual; and

(b) ensure, when specified in the contract, other support services needs are addressed to enhance the ability of the individual to benefit from all services and activities.

(6) In the provision of senior services, the contractor, in addition to the criteria in (3) , must:

(a) implement a plan, when specified by the IP team, to allow the individual, based on individual interests and desires, to choose daily routines, including remaining at home.

History: Sec. 53-20-204, MCA; IMP, Sec. 53-20-205, MCA; NEW, 1995 MAR p. 1136, Eff. 6/30/95; TRANS, from SRS, 1998 MAR p. 3124.

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