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(1) For intermediate care facility services for individuals with intellectual disabilities provided in facilities located in the state of Montana, the Montana Medicaid program will pay a provider a per diem rate equal to the actual allowable cost incurred by the provider during the fiscal year, determined retrospectively in accordance with ARM 37.40.345 and 37.40.346, divided by the total patient days of service during the rate year, minus the amount of the Medicaid recipient's patient contribution, subject to the limits specified in (2)(a) and (b).

(2) Payments under (1) may not exceed the following limits:

(a) Final per diem payment rates for base years shall be as specified in (1), without application of any further limit. Base years are even-numbered state fiscal years, i.e., state fiscal years 1994, 1996, and subsequent even-numbered years.

(b) Final per diem rates in non-base years are limited to the final per diem rate for the immediately preceding base year indexed from June 30 of the base year to June 30 of the rate year. The index is the final Medicare market basket index applicable to the non-base year. Non-base years are odd-numbered state fiscal years, i.e., state fiscal years 1993, 1995 and subsequent odd-numbered years.

(3) All ICF/IID providers must use a July 1 through June 30 fiscal year for accounting and cost reporting purposes.

(4) Prior to the billing of July services each rate year, the department will determine an interim payment rate for each provider. The provider's interim payment rate shall be determined based upon the department's estimate of actual allowable cost under ARM 37.40.345, divided by estimated patient days for the rate year. The department may consider, but shall not be bound by, the provider's cost estimates in estimating actual allowable costs. The provider's interim payment rate is an estimate only and shall not bind the department in any way in the final rate determination under (1) and (5).

(5) The provider's final rate as provided in (1) shall be determined based upon the provider's cost report for the rate year filed in accordance with ARM 37.40.346, after desk review or audit by the department's audit staff. The difference between actual includable cost allocable to services to Medicaid residents, as limited in (2), and the total amount paid through the interim payment rate will be settled through the overpayment and underpayment procedures specified in ARM 37.40.347.

(6) Following the sale of an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities after April 5, 1989, the new provider's property costs will be the lesser of historical costs or the rate used for all other intermediate care facilities, subject to the limitations in 42 USC 1396a(a)(13)(C).

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