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(1) A new provider must have a current, valid registration to provide child care in order to participate in the CACFP. An existing provider may be working toward renewal of its registration and participate in the CACFP if assurance is obtained from licensing staff that they are approved and the registration is forthcoming.

(2) Each sponsor must do the following when enrolling a new day care home for participation in the CACFP:

(a) unless (3) applies, obtain licensing verification in the form of:

(i) a current, valid copy of the provider's registration to provide child care;

(ii) written documentation from licensing staff indicating the provider has submitted all required information and has been approved for registration;

(iii) a screen print from the Child Care Under the Big Sky System (CCUBS), showing that the provider is registered and the effective date of the registration; or

(iv) a screen print from the department's web site, www.childcare.mt.gov, under "Programs & Services, Find Child Care" showing that the provider is registered and the effective dates of the registration; and

(b) obtain written preapproval for participating from the Montana CACFP prior to performing a preapproval visit, and perform a preapproval visit at the day care home prior to allowing the day care home to participate in the CACFP. During the preapproval visit, the sponsor must:

(i) discuss CACFP benefits and verify that the proposed food service does not exceed the capability of the day care home;

(ii) train the provider regarding CACFP duties and responsibilities; and

(iii) discuss record keeping and documentation requirements, including but not limited to posting menus, meals to be served, and attendance records.

(3) If a registered day care home is approved by the sponsor during the preapproval visit, the CACFP sponsor/provider agreement must be completed, reviewed, and signed by the provider and the sponsor's representative. The effective date to begin CACFP participation is the date the CACFP sponsor/provider agreement is signed by both the provider and the sponsor's representative.

(4) If the location where care is provided by a day care home changes:

(a) the provider must notify the sponsor, and the provider may continue CACFP participation without interruption, provided:

(i) the sponsor performs a preapproval visit at the new address within 10 business days following the provider's first day of operation at the new location;

(ii) the new site is determined acceptable for CACFP participation; and

(iii) the new site is approved for child care by licensing staff;

(b) a Day Care Home Change in Information form must be completed and submitted to the sponsor; and

(c) the tier status of the home must be redetermined.

(5) If a sponsor misdates any document in order to manipulate or circumvent a rule, the sponsor will be placed under corrective action.

(6) A sponsor must not submit a claim for a provider who is not registered or in compliance with (2)(a).

(7) A provider must retain on file for the current and preceding three federal fiscal years copies of:

(a) the signed applications and agreements; and

(b) the notification of reasons and procedures for termination.

(8) A provider must retain the following information on file and have it readily available at the time of a review for the entire time the provider participates in the CACFP:

(a) a copy of the preapproval visit forms; and

(b) a copy of the current CACFP sponsor/provider agreement.

(9) If a provider moves or changes its legal name, a new sponsor/provider agreement must be completed and marked "CHANGE."

(10) If only meal times are changed, a Meal Time Change form must be completed and submitted to the sponsor with the current month's claim. Each Meal Time Change form becomes a part of the sponsor/provider agreement and is effective upon the date of receipt.

History: 52-2-704, MCA; IMP, 52-2-702, 52-2-704, MCA; NEW, 2003 MAR p. 981, Eff. 5/9/03; AMD, 2006 MAR p. 331, Eff. 2/10/06; AMD, 2009 MAR p. 88, Eff. 1/30/09.

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