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37.79.130    TRANSITION

(1) On October 1, 2009, all children currently enrolled in the CHIP and the Medicaid children's programs will transition from CHIP and Medicaid to the HMK Plan.

(2) The second transition will take place when current CHIP enrollees from families with income between 100% and 133% of the FPL transition to the CHIP-funded Medicaid expansion program. The transition will occur at the time of annual reapplication during federal fiscal year 2010 (October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010). Approximately 10,000 current CHIP enrollees will be affected by this transition. The staggered transition will occur throughout the year. A parent or guardian of an enrollee in the HMK coverage group may apply for the HMK Plus coverage at any time.

(a) For an eligible child in the HMK coverage group there is a 12-month family span.

History: 53-4-1105, MCA; IMP, 53-4-1104, 53-4-1105, 53-4-1110, MCA; NEW, 2009 MAR p. 1673, Eff. 10/1/09.

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