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(1) Eligibility determinations will be effective for a period of 12 months unless one or more of the following changes occurs:

(a) the enrollee moves from the state of Montana;

(b) the enrollee moves, does not notify the department of the new address and the department is unable to locate the enrollee;

(c) the enrollee is found to have other creditable health coverage;

(d) the enrollee becomes an inmate of a public institution;

(e) the enrollee attains the age of 19 years;

(f) the enrollee dies; or

(g) the enrollee becomes eligible for HMK Plus.

(2) Parents or guardians must give notice within 30 days when the family moves or another change specified in (1) occurs.

(3) A prepopulated HMK renewal application with household composition and income information is mailed to each family a month prior to the end of the existing family span. If there are changes to household composition, annual income, or health insurance coverage the family must complete, sign, date, and return the renewal application by a specified date or benefits will terminate. If there are no changes to household composition, annual income, or health insurance coverage the family is not required to respond or fill out the renewal application and the children are redetermined as eligible and are enrolled in the program for a new 12-month span. If enrollment ends, a new application may be completed and, if the children are determined eligible, they may be placed on the waiting list if one exists.

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