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(1) Use and disclosure of information is allowed only for the following purposes:

(a) to administer child care assistance under this chapter;

(b) to determine eligibility and amount of assistance for any other needs-based federally funded public assistance program for low income persons;

(c) to report possible child abuse or neglect to the appropriate agency or authority or respond to requests for information from an appropriate agency or authority investigating possible child abuse or neglect;

(d) to assist the Child Support Services Division or any other agency or entity authorized to conduct child support enforcement activities;

(e) to provide the applicant or recipient's current address to a state or local law enforcement officer, if the officer documents that the person is a fugitive felon whose arrest is the responsibility of the officer; additionally, the officer must provide the name and social security number of the recipient by written request;

(f) to provide information necessary for emergency medical or other critical needs;

(g) to provide information relevant to a child care licensing investigation; and

(h) any other disclosure required by law.

(2) An applicant or recipient of child care assistance is entitled to information regarding the applicant or recipient's case upon request, except:

(a) when release of the information is prohibited by law; or

(b) when release of the information would impede law enforcement.


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