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(1) The department shall only make payment for those services which are medically necessary as determined by the department or by the designated review organization.

(2) In determining medical necessity the department or designated review organization may consider the type or nature of the service, the provider of the service, the setting in which the service is provided and any additional requirements applicable to the specific service or category of service.

(3) The department may review the medical necessity of services or items at any time either before or after payment. If the department determines that services or items were not medically necessary or otherwise in compliance with applicable requirements, the department may deny payment or may recover any overpayment in accordance with applicable requirements. The department is not precluded by an earlier screening, prior authorization, certification or similar process from reviewing and determining medical necessity of any service or item, or from denying payment or recovering any overpayment based upon any such review or determination. This rule does not require the department to notify a provider or recipient of a medical necessity determination until and unless the department completes its review and takes an adverse action against the provider based upon the determination.

(4) The provider must upon request provide to the department or its designated review organization without charge any records related to services or items provided to a recipient.

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