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(1) "Orthotic" means a mechanical device to assist in restoring normal function of the foot, applied to the foot or used with the shoe either as an insert for the shoe or as an attachment to the exterior of the shoe.

(2) "Podiatry services" means those services provided by individuals licensed under state law to practice podiatry which are within the scope of their practice.

(3) "Routine podiatric care" means the cutting or removing of corns and calluses, the trimming of nails or the application of skin creams and other hygienic, preventive maintenance care and debridement of nails.

(4) The definitions found in the introduction to Physicians Current Procedural Terminology, fourth edition (CPT4), published by the American Medical Association of Chicago, Illinois and adopted at ARM 37.86.101 defines the terms commonly used by the Montana Medicaid program in implementation of the program's podiatry fee schedule.

(5) The "Physician-Related Services Manual" means the physician-related services manual adopted at ARM 37.86.101. It governs the administration of the Podiatry program.


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