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(1) If a day care center cares for children requiring cribs or diapers, it must:

(a) ensure that cribs, playpens, and toys used by those children are made of washable, nontoxic materials and are kept clean and sanitized with a solution containing 1/4 cup household bleach to one gallon water or equivalent sanitizing solution, air dried, rinsed with clean water and air dried. This must be done daily;

(b) either provide separate cribs for each such child, or launder bedding in accordance with ARM 37.95.206(4) ;

(c) have adequate facilities to bathe such children when necessary that are separate from food service, food preparation, and play or sleeping areas;

(d) handle diapers in the following manner:

(i) provide an adequate and cleanable area for diaper changing separate from food preparation and play areas;

(ii) after each diapering, thoroughly clean and sanitize the diapering area, using a solution of 1/4 cup household bleach to one gallon water or an equivalent sanitizing solution, air dry, rinse with clean water and air dry;

(iii) store soiled diapers in easily cleanable or lined receptacles with tight-fitting lids in an area inaccessible to children; and empty, clean, and wash the receptacles once per day or more often as needed;

(iv) refrain from dipping soiled diapers in a toilet, although fecal contents of diapers may be shaken into a toilet;

(v) ensure that all staff members who diaper children wash their hands immediately after each diapering following the procedures outlined in ARM 37.95.221(7) (c) . The hands of the diapered infant must also be washed; and

(vi) equip diapering and toilet areas with a hand washing sink that is separated by at least six feet from the infant food preparation area, hand washing sink, and equipment used for food preparation, except if the provider submits to the local health authority a written plan which describes an alternative means that does not have the potential to cause adverse health effects.

(e) request parents to provide a supply of clean clothes adequate to allow at least one change per day and adequate diapers for a day's use;

(f) allow the use of nondisposable diapers. If nondisposable diapers are used, they must be handled in accordance with the following, in addition to the requirements of (d) :

(i) Soiled diapers for each child must be placed in a plastic sack designated for that child, which in turn must be placed in a non-permeable, covered container and either picked up by a diaper service or commercial laundry or sent home the same day with the parent in the plastic sack;

(ii) Soiled diapers must either be laundered by a commercial laundry or diaper service, or at another site removed from the day care facility;

(iii) If a diaper service or commercial laundry is used, soiled diapers must be picked up by the service or laundry at least twice weekly; and

(iv) Soiled cloth diapers may not be rinsed on site.

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