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37.95.227    SWIMMING POOLS

(1) In regard to swimming, a day care center must:

(a) allow children to use only a swimming pool which is constructed and operated in accordance with ARM 37.115.102, 37.115.103, and 37.115.106, and in accordance with ARM 37.95.127;

(b) provide and utilize each day the pool is used a chlorine test kit to ensure that the required chlorine residual is present in the pool at all times; or

(c) in the event that a portable wading pool, as defined in ARM 37.95.102, is used, add one tablespoon household bleach to 100 gallons of water to the pool on the day of use; drain, clean, and refill it with fresh water daily, and refill it with fresh water when needed. Bleach must be added any time the pool is refilled and drained.


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