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(1) A day care center offering night care must develop plans for program, staff, equipment and space which will provide appropriately for the personal safety and emotional and physical care of children away from their families at night.

(2) This requirement shall be deemed to have been met if:

(a) special attention is given by the caregiver and the parents to provide for a transition into this type of care appropriate to the child's emotional needs;

(b) a selection of toys for quiet activities which can be used with minimal adult supervision is provided for children prior to bedtime;

(c) bathing facilities, comfortable beds or cots, and complete bedding, are provided;

(d) staff are available to assist children during eating and pre-bedtime hours and during the morning period when dressing;

(e) during sleeping hours, staff are awake, in the immediate vicinity, and on the same floor level of sleeping children in order to provide for the needs of children and respond to any emergency; and

(f) at appropriate times a nutritious dinner and/or breakfast is served to children and a bedtime snack is offered.

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