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(1) Each YCF shall admit only those youth for whom it has an operational program and who meet its admissions policies.

(2) Each YCF shall have a policy for screening all referrals. This policy must include procedures for accepting emergency placements.

(3) Each YCF shall have and follow written admissions policies and procedures which include but are not limited to the following requirements:

(a) age, sex, and behavioral and/or emotional needs of youth served;

(b) a description of the intake process for youth at admission; and

(c) a description of the orientation provided to the youth.

(4) An initial assessment of the youth's emotional, medical, developmental, social, and behavioral status must be conducted within 24 hours of the youth's admission.

(5) The admission person or committee shall review all preplacement referral information including a social history and resources to determine the appropriateness of placement, including age and developmental needs of youth accepted into the YCF.

(6) The YCF's policies and procedures must provide for and encourage a preplacement process with the child and family and may allow exceptions for emergency placements, geographical distances, and youth placed under runaway grant funding. The referring parties should be encouraged to assist with these arrangements.

(7) Placements may only be accepted from parents or agencies authorized by law to place children.

(8) The admissions policy may not limit contact with the youth's approved family members.

History: 52-2-111, 52-2-603, 52-2-622, MCA; IMP, 52-2-113, 52-2-603, 52-2-622, MCA; NEW, 2011 MAR p. 387, Eff. 3/25.11.

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