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(1) A YCF must provide a minimum of ten foot-candles of light in all rooms and hallways, with the following exceptions:

(a) All reading lamps must have a capacity to provide a minimum of 30 foot-candles of light.

(b) All toilet and bathing areas must be provided with a minimum of 30 foot-candles of light.

(c) General lighting in food preparation areas must be a minimum of 30 foot-candles of light.

(d) Hallways must be illuminated at all times by at least a minimum of five foot-candles of light at the floor.

(2) Adequate space must be provided for all phases of daily living, including recreation, privacy, group activities, and visits from family, friends, and community acquaintances.

(3) Youth must have indoor areas of at least 40 square feet of floor space per youth for quiet, reading, study, relaxing, and recreation. The minimum space requirement may not include halls, kitchens, and any rooms not used by youth may not be included in the minimum space requirement.

(4) A bedroom must contain at least 50 square feet of floor space per person. Bedrooms for single occupancy must have at least 80 square feet.

(5) The maximum number of youth per bedroom must not exceed four. The bedrooms must have floor to ceiling walls.

(6) The YCF must provide:

(a) at least one toilet for every four residents; and

(b) one bathing facility for every six residents.

(7) All resident rooms with toilets or shower and bathing facilities must have an operable window to the outside or must be exhausted to the outside by a mechanical ventilation system.

(8) Each resident must have access to a bathroom without entering another resident's room, the kitchen, or dining areas.

(9) Facilities licensed prior to September 23, 2010, that did not meet the requirements of (8) are allowed to maintain the existing bathroom access through resident room, kitchen, or dining areas. However, if future remodeling or additions are to be made to these structures, the remodeling or additions must comply with current standards.

(10) Hot and cold water must be available in the YCF. Water temperatures for hot water must be limited to 120°F or below.

(11) For adequate housekeeping the YCF must ensure that:

(a) the building and grounds are free, to the extent possible, of harborage for insects, rodents, and other vermin;

(b) the floors, walls, ceilings, furnishings, and other equipment is clean and in good repair, free of hazards, and offensive odors;

(c) cleaning equipment and supplies are provided in sufficient quantity to meet the housekeeping needs of the facility; and

(d) a maintenance policy and schedule, which describes the regular maintenance of the facility, is adhered to.

History: 52-2-111, 52-2-603, 52-2-622, MCA; IMP, 52-2-113, 52-2-603, 52-2-622, MCA; NEW, 2011 MAR p. 387, Eff. 3/25/11; AMD, 2015 MAR p. 756, Eff. 6/12/15.

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