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38.2.316    TRANSCRIPTS

(1) Transcripts may be requested by any party, or their preparation may be directed by the commission.   Any party, other than the commission or its staff, who requests and receives transcripts shall pay the specified costs therefor.

(2) An applicant may request that a court reporter other than the commission's staff reporter be retained, or upon being advised by the commission that its reporter is unavailable at the time desired, may request that another court reporter be retained.   Such election shall be made at the time of the scheduled prehearing conference, or if a prehearing conference is not scheduled, no later than 20 days prior to hearing.   If the applicant elects to request the services of a nonstaff court reporter, it shall pay the costs of the transcript, and shall pay any appearance fee for such reporter.

History: 69-3-103, 69-2-101, 69-12-201(2) and 69-1-110(3), MCA; IMP, 69-2-101, MCA; NEW, 1977 MAR p. 1200, Eff. 12/24/77; AMD, 1981 MAR p. 1789, Eff. 12/18/81.

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