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38.3.2806    REISSUED MATTER

(1) Matter brought forward without change from a tariff which has not been in effect 30 days, also matter brought forward without change from one supplement to another, must be designated "reissued" in distinctive type and must show the original effective date and the number of the supplement or tariff from which it is reissued; or must be uniformly indicated by the letter T followed by the symbol for "reissued" when reissued from another tariff or from a supplement to another tariff and by numerals commencing with 1 followed by the symbol for "reissued" when reissued from a prior supplement to the same tariff, printed in distinctive type and shown in a conspicuous manner, and the explanation thereof must be made in the tariff or supplement in which the symbols are used. Examples: "T       Reissued from PSC No.     , or (Supplement No.       to PSC No.      ) , effective (date upon which item became effective in former tariff or supplement to another tariff)          , 19   "; "T       Reissued from Supplement No. 1, effective      , 19    ," and so on numerically, the figures of the symbols always representing the number of the supplement to the same tariff from which the reissued item is brought forward. If items in a tariff or supplement are made effective on dates other than the general effective date shown on the title page, reissue of such items may be indicated in later publications by showing a letter suffix or other symbol in connection with, and as a part of, the letter T or the numerals followed by the symbol for "reissued" as herein authorized. When the reissued item became effective in a supplement to another tariff, the PSC number of that tariff must also be given. The letter T and numerals commencing with 1, both followed by the symbol for "reissued," shall not be used as reference marks or symbols for any other purpose in any tariff or supplement.

History: Sec. 69-12-201, MCA; IMP, Title 69, Chapter 12, Part 5, MCA, Eff. 12/31/72; AMD, 1994 MAR p. 965, Eff. 4/15/94.

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