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(1) Adequate localized facilities, as defined in ARM 38.4.501(1) (a) hereof, consisting, as in each location may be necessary, of the following facilities, installed and maintained as specified, shall be furnished by all railroad companies under the jurisdiction of this Commission, if, in the judgment of the Commission, after hearing thereon, such facilities, or any of them, are necessary for the welfare and health of the above mentioned employees:

(a) There shall be provided a locker room where the employees may change their clothing, which shall be separated by solid partition from any toilet room then existing or which will be provided under the provisions of these regulations. The area of such room shall not be less than eighty (80) square feet of clear floor space for ten (10) employees, and adequate space to be added for additional employees. Necessary benches and tables shall be provided.

(b) Where lockers are not now provided, a sufficient number of lockers shall be provided, the dimensions of which shall not be less than seventy-two (72) inches high, twelve (12) inches wide and eighteen (18) inches deep, save that, in such locations where larger lockers shall be deemed necessary, they shall be provided as shall be agreed to between the Railroad Company and its employees. Said lockers shall be equipped on the inside with a top shelf, and not less than one clothes hook on each side, a hanger bar, and also sufficient openings in the door for the purpose of ventilation.

(c) Where running water and sewers are available under reasonable conditions, or where physical conditions and ordinances permit the use of septic tanks in lieu of sewers, sufficient wash bowls and flush toilets shall be provided.

(d) If practical, every toilet room shall be so located as to open to the outside light and air by windows or skylights.

(e) All inside toilet facilities shall be made of materials impervious and resistant to moisture, and shall be fitted with individual flush systems. In the case of urinals, the water may be allowed to run continuously.

(f) The walls of compartments or partitions between toilets may be less than room height, but the top shall not be less than five (5) feet from the floor and the bottom not more than one (1) foot from the floor.

(g) An adequate supply of cool, sanitary water, satisfactory for drinking purposes, shall be made available to all employees. When necessary, this water shall be provided in suitable, sanitary containers, conveniently placed for the use of the above mentioned employees, and each container will be equipped with a faucet or other dispenser. The Company shall furnish single service paper drinking cups.

(h) Locker and toilet rooms shall be adequately heated, ventilated, lighted, and provided with screens, and said facilities shall be kept reasonably clean by the employer.

History: Sec. 69-14-116, MCA; IMP, Sec. 69-14-116, MCA; NEW, 1978 MAR p. 1485, Eff. 10/27/78.

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