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(1) Each licensed supplier shall have an internal customer complaint procedure which allows for complete, fair and timely decisions and responses regarding complaints by customers. Suppliers shall keep a record of customer complaints.

(2) The commission shall resolve disputes among suppliers and small customers regarding the provisions of this rule according to the following procedures:

(a) Each supplier must provide at least one employee, (whose duties need not be limited to this obligation) during business hours to respond to questions and resolve complaints from customers and to work with the commission and its staff on complaint resolution;

(b) When a supplier becomes aware of a complaint by a customer, the supplier must investigate the complaint, report the results of its investigation to the customer and attempt in good faith to resolve the complaint; and

(c) If the supplier cannot resolve the dispute with the customer, the supplier must orally inform the customer of his or her right to file an informal complaint with the commission and provide the commission's toll-free consumer complaints telephone number.

History: 69-3-1404 and 69-8-403, MCA; IMP, 69-3-1404 and 69-8-403, MCA; NEW, 1999 MAR p. 1233, Eff. 6/4/99.

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