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(1)  The department shall revoke the license(s)  of any applicator not satisfying the final judgement rendered against or agreed to by him, within thirty (30)  calendar days from the date the judgement is filed with the department or in the same time period established in the judgement. The revocation shall remain in effect and no license shall be issued to the applicator unless and until the judgement is satisfied or until the applicator files with the department his written direction to his financial responsibility guarantors to respond in full to the damages specified in the judgement.

(2)  In the event the financial responsibility guaranteed is not adequate to satisfy the judgement when fully applied thereto, then, and in that event, the applicator shall apply such additional monies or assets as may be required to fully satisfy the judgement, and the applicator's license shall not be issued until the judgement has been fully satisfied and the required financial responsibility once again brought up to the amount required of the particular applicator under rule.

History: Sec. 80-8-105 MCA; IMP, Sec. 80-8-214 MCA; NEW, 1979 MAR p. 437, Eff. 5/11/79; AMD, 1986 MAR p. 1007, Eff. 6/13/86.

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