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4.10.1802    DEFINITIONS

(1)  "Acceptable pesticide" means a pesticide approved by the department for the disposal program. An acceptable pesticide shall also mean an empty pesticide container that contained an acceptable pesticide.

(2)  "Contractor" means an entity or entities contracted by the department to conduct the disposal program.

(3)  "Disposal program" means the collection of pesticides and pesticide containers for disposal, recycling or use by methods and procedures approved by the department.

(4)  "Participant" means a person or persons authorized by the department to submit acceptable pesticides to the disposal program.

(5)  "Recyclable" means a pesticide container rinsed according to label directions as addressed in the code of federal regulations (40 CFR 156.10)  .

(6)  "Unacceptable pesticide" means a pesticide that is not permitted to be incinerated according to state or federal regulations or an empty pesticide container that contained an unacceptable pesticide.

(7)  "Exchangeable pesticide,, means a pesticide in a sealed, unopened container authorized by the disposal program for exchange from one person to another.

History: Sec. 80-8-105 MCA; IMP, Sec. 80-8-111, 80-8-112 MCA; NEW, 1994 MAR p. 1280, Eff. 5/13/94.

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