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(1) All used beekeeping equipment to be shipped out of state, including frames of honey in the comb, must be inspected before a clean bill of health can be issued.

(2) No permits for interstate movement of health certificates will be issued without inspection.

(3) Inspection must be made while the equipment is still "on the bees", and while brood is present within the hive.

(4) The Department of Agriculture must have at least two weeks’ notice and preferably more, during the rush season of spring and early fall for the need of an inspection.

(5) Beekeepers requesting inspection will accompany inspector during inspection, and will pull and replace one comb from each broodnest.

(6) Intention to bring into Montana used beekeeping equipment, including nucs, feed honey, and refuse for rendering must be registered with the Agricultural Sciences Division, Department of Agriculture at least ten days prior to the time of movement. A permit to enter will then be issued by the Department of Agriculture. This permit, along with a copy of the clean bill of health from the state of origin, must accompany the load of bees or equipment entering Montana. Each load of used equipment, honey, or nucs is automatically quarantined until said quarantine is lifted by the Montana state inspector.


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