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4.12.112    DEFINITIONS

(1) "Beekeeper without a valid Montana Certificate of Health" means any beekeeper that has not been inspected within the last four years by either a Montana Department of Agriculture inspector or by appropriate authorities in another state that is recognized as able to issue a certificate of health by the Montana Department of Agriculture.

(2) "Interstate Inspection" means the inspection of an operation that does not have a valid Montana certificate of health or proof of inspection from an originating state.

(3) "Landowner Notice to Change Apiarist" means the cancellation of a registered site upon notice to the department by a landowner that an apiarist is no longer allowed access to their property or to have bees on their property.

(4) "Montana Department of Agriculture Inspection" means a health inspection of a business that includes counting hives, checking for proof of ownership, and opening hives. Minimally, an inspection will include examination of at least one frame of brood for regulated diseases and pests as specified in ARM 4.12.111.

(5) "Registered Beekeeper" means a beekeeper who has paid and maintained registration of at least one apiary site with the Montana Department of Agriculture.

(6) "Registered Site" means a site that has been registered with the Montana Department of Agriculture. A registered site is not a property interest in the land and does not in and of itself allow an apiarist to have bees at a location. A separate agreement from the landowner or an easement is still required to use and access the location.

(7) "Site Registration" means the legal ability, as defined by the department, to have and maintain bees on a site.

(8) "Unregistered Beekeeper" means any beekeeper not registered with the Montana Department of Agriculture, including hobbyist beekeepers, landowners, or general beekeepers.

(9) "Valid Certificate of Health" means proof of an inspection by either the Montana Department of Agriculture or an apiary inspection or proof of an inspection by an official inspector in another state with an inspection program recognized by the Montana Department of Agriculture.

History: 80-6-101, MCA; IMP, 80-6-101, MCA; NEW, 2010 MAR p. 2650, Eff. 11/13/10.

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