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(1) The following fruits, vegetables, and natural products are designated as produce. This list is not all inclusive. Any product commonly recognized as a fruit or vegetable shall also be considered to be produce for assessment purposes but does not include those perishable fruits and vegetables which have been manufactured into articles of food of a different kind or character. The effects of the following operations shall not be considered as changing a commodity into a food of a different kind or character: water, steam, or oil blanching, battering, coating, chopping, color adding, curing, cutting, dicing, drying for the removal of surface moisture; fumigating, gassing, heating for insect control, ripening and coloring; removal of seed, pits, stems, calyx, husk, pods, rind, skin, peel, et cetera; polishing, pre-cooling, refrigerating, shredding, slicing, trimming, washing with or without chemicals; waxing, adding of sugar or other sweetening agents; adding ascorbic acid or other agents to retard oxidation; mixing of several kinds of sliced, chopped, or diced fruit or vegetables for packaging in any type of containers; or comparable methods of preparation.

(2) The following quantities shall be used as the standard produce unit for the produce listed below. Containers of approximately the same quantity may be considered a produce unit for each container.

Apples 40 lbs.   Lemons 35 lbs.
Apricots 28 lbs.   Lettuce  
Asian pears 20 lbs.   Head 24 count
Asparagus 30 lbs.   Butter 24 count
Artichokes 15 lbs.   Endive 24 count
Avocados 60-70 count   Escarole 24 count
Bananas 40 lbs.   Green Leaf 24 count
Beans, green 28 lbs.   Red Leaf 24 count
Beets 24 bunches   Romaine 24 count
Blackberries 12--½ pint baskets   Limes 35 lbs.
Boysenberries 12--½ pint baskets   Mangos 12 lbs.
Blueberries 12--1-pint baskets   Mushrooms 10 lbs.
Broccoli 25 lbs.   Mustard greens 24 count
Broccoflower 25 lbs.   Nectarines 20 lbs.
Bok choy 12 count   Okra 10 lbs.
Brussel Sprouts 25 lbs.   Onions, dry 50 lbs.
Cabbage 50 lbs.   Onions, green 48 bunches
Cantaloupes 35 lbs.   Oranges 37 lbs.
Carrots 50 lbs.   Papayas 12 lbs.
Cauliflower 28 lbs.   Parsley 60 bunches
Celery 45 lbs.   Parsnips 25 lbs.
Cherries 20 lbs.   Peaches 20 lbs.
Chicory 10 lbs.   Pears 35 lbs.
Cilantro 12 lbs.   Peas, green/sweet 12 lbs.
Coconuts 25 lbs.   Peppers 28 lbs.
Collard greens 24 count   Pineapple 35 lbs.
Corn 60 ears   Plums 24 lbs.
Cranberries 25 lbs.   Potatoes 100 lbs.
Cucumbers 30 lbs.   Prunes 24 lbs.
Currants 12--½ pint baskets   Pumpkins 100 lbs.
Eggplant 25 lbs.   Radishes 48 bunches
Endive 24 count   Raspberries 12--½ pint baskets
Garlic 10 lbs.   Rhubarb 20 lbs.
Ginger root 10 lbs.   Rutabagas 25 lbs.
Grapefruit 35 lbs.   Shallots 10 lbs.
Grapes 20 lbs.   Spinach 24 count

Honeydew melons 20 lbs.   Sprouts 12 count
Horseradish roots 10 lbs.   Squash  
Jicama 20 lbs.   Summer type 20 lbs.
Kale greens 24 count   Winter type 50 lbs.
Kiwifruit 10 lbs.   Star fruit 15 lbs.
Leeks 24 count   Strawberries 12--1-pint baskets
Sweet potatoes 40 lbs.   Turnips 25 lbs.
Tangelos 35 lbs.   Watermelons 100 lbs.
Tangerines 35 lbs.   Yams 40 lbs.
Tomatoes 28 lbs.   Miscellaneous 50 lbs.

History: 80-3-303, MCA; IMP, 80-3-302, MCA; NEW, 1993 MAR p. 1636, Eff. 7/30/93; AMD, 2009 MAR p. 2365, Eff. 12/11/09.

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