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(1)  Each container or system covered in ARM 4.12.719, ARM 4.12.720, ARM 4.12.721, ARM 4.12.722, shall be marked as follows:

(a)  With a mark identifying compliance with and other markings required by the rules of the code under which the container is constructed, with the capacity of the container in pounds or gallons (U.S. Standards)  , with the working pressure in psig for which the container is designed, and with the thickness of the shell and heads. This information shall appear:

(i)  on the container and system nameplate on underground installations;

(ii)  on the container on aboveground installations.

(b)  With the name, address and phone number of the supplier of the system and the date of manufacture. This information shall appear on the system nameplate for both underground and aboveground containers.

(c)  With markings indicating the maximum level to which the container may be filled with liquid at temperatures between 20 degrees Fahrenheit (F)  and 100 degrees F, except on containers provided with fixed maximum level indicators or which are filled by weighing. Markings shall be in increments of not more than 20 degrees F and shall appear on the system nameplate or on the liquid level gauging device on both underground and aboveground containers. Refrigerated storage tanks shall be exempt from these requirements but shall be marked to show the maximum permissible liquid level, see ARM 4.12.712.

(d)  With the overall length and outside diameter of the container. This information shall appear:

(i)  on the system nameplate on underground containers;

(ii)  on the container on aboveground containers.

(2)  All main operating valves on permanently installed storage containers having a capacity of over 2000 water gallons shall be identified to show whether the valve is in liquid or vapor service. The method of identification shall be by label or color code as follows:

(a)  the label LIQUID (or LIQUID VALVE)  or VAPOR (or VAPOR VALVE)  , as appropriate, shall be placed on or within twelve inches of the valve by means of a stencil tag or decal; or

(b)  liquid valves shall be painted orange and vapor valves shall be painted yellow. The legend ORANGE-LIQUID or YELLOW-VAPOR shall be displayed in at least one conspicuous place at each permanent storage location. The legend shall have letters at least two inches high and shall be placed against a contrasting background.

History: Sec. 80-10-503, MCA; IMP, Sec. 80-10-503, MCA; NEW, 1986 MAR p. 1820, Eff. 10/31/86.

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