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(1) An all-beverage licensee or on-premises consumption beer licensee may host an industry trade show at the licensee's licensed premises or may cater an industry trade show pursuant to ARM 42.12.128. Alcoholic beverages provided at an industry trade show are limited by the hosting or catering licensee's type of license.

(2) For the purpose of this rule, an industry trade show means an event sponsored by a nonprofit association representing an alcoholic beverage industry, and where alcoholic beverages are provided to attendees for promotional purposes. An industry trade show shall not be open to the public. A nonprofit association may not sponsor more than two industry trade shows per year.

(3) All attendees of an industry trade show must be admitted by the event sponsor and must be a licensee, a person employed in the alcoholic beverage industry or a related industry, or are a family member or partner of such persons and may include public officers, candidates for public office, and public employees involved in the alcoholic beverage industry. A related industry includes but is not limited to gambling, food preparation, and other professional services provided to alcoholic beverages licensees.

(4) A vendor, as defined in ARM 42.11.105, with a current vendor permit, as provided in ARM 42.11.213, may request a trade show case from the department for use at an industry trade show. A trade show case means a case of product used by a registered vendor representative for promoting a vendor's products to attendees of an industry trade show. A product that has not been approved by the department may not be included in a trade show case. For the purposes of this rule, product means a liquor item identified by a unique identification number or stock-keeping unit.

(a) Except as provided in 16-4-311, MCA, the vendor must ship the trade show case to the state liquor warehouse at no charge to the department.

(b) In order for an industry trade show case to be removed from bailment at the state liquor warehouse, a vendor must submit a request electronically on a form provided by the department at least seven days prior to the requested ship date to the agency liquor store.

(c) A trade show case must be purchased by a registered vendor representative, as defined in ARM 42.11.211, from an agency liquor store at a cost of $12.00 per case.

(d) A vendor is limited to providing a maximum of nine thousand milliliters of each product per industry trade show.

(5) A beer manufacturer or a beer manufacturer's employees or agents who intend to provide beer at an industry trade show or a table wine manufacturer or the table wine manufacturer's employees or agents who intend to provide table wine at an industry trade show must purchase the beer or table wine from the licensee hosting the trade show for no more than the ordinary retail price.

(6) At the conclusion of an industry trade show, any remaining alcoholic beverages may be retained by the alcoholic beverage manufacturer or vendor, the alcoholic beverage manufacturer or vendor's employees, or registered vendor representatives for a future industry trade show; used for sampling purposes; or given to attendees of the industry trade show at the discretion of the alcoholic beverage manufacturer or vendor, the alcoholic beverage manufacturer or vendor's employees or registered vendor representatives.

(7) A licensee who hosts an industry trade show is ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with all alcoholic beverage laws and regulations, violations of which may subject the licensee to administrative action.


History: 16-1-303, MCA; IMP, 16-3-107, 16-4-201, 16-4-204, 16-4-311, MCA; NEW, 2019 MAR p. 1173, Eff. 8/10/19.

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