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44.3.1002    DEFINITIONS

As used in this subchapter, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Elector" means an individual qualified and registered to vote under state law.

(2)  "Legislative district" means a representative district as provided in Article V, section 14(1) of the Montana Constitution.

(3)  "Verify" with respect to the signature of an elector means that the elector's signature on the petition, when taken as a whole, bears sufficient similarity to the signature on their voter registration and that the signatures are substantially the same. If one signature uses an elector's first, middle, and last names, the use of an initial instead of either the first or middle name, but not both, in the other shall not, by itself, result in a non-verified signature. 


History: 13-10-613, MCA; IMP, 13-10-601, 13-10-607, 13-10-608, MCA; NEW, 2022 MAR p. 1092, Eff. 6/25/22.

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