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6.10.702    DEFINITIONS

For purposes of this subchapter:

(1) "Approaching zero" means the fund balance is under $1,000,000.

(2) "Claimant" means a claimant as defined under 30-10-1003(1), MCA.

(3) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, Montana State Auditor.

(4) "Committee" means the committee defined in ARM 6.10.705.

(5) "Department" means the department as defined in 30-10-1003(2), MCA.

(6) "Eligible persons" means persons eligible for restitution assistance under 30-10-1005, MCA.

(7) "Fund" means the fund as defined in 30-10-1003(4), MCA.

(8) "Investment scheme" means the underlying plan constituting the basis of a final order in a legal action initiated by the commissioner.

(9) "Loss ratio" means the ratio consisting of the victim's total investment loss over the victim's total net worth.

(10) "Total net loss" means a person's total loss in an investment scheme.

(11) "Total net worth" means the difference between the total value of a person's assets and a person's liabilities.

(12) "Victim" means a victim as defined under 30-10-1003(6), MCA.

History: 30-10-1008, MCA; IMP, 30-10-1008, MCA; NEW, 2012 MAR p. 1140, Eff. 6/8/12.

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