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(1) A basic illustration shall conform with the following requirements:

(a) the illustration shall be labeled with the date on which it was prepared;

(b) each page, including any explanatory notes or pages, shall be numbered and show its relationship to total number of pages in the illustration (e.g., the fourth page of a seven-page illustration shall be labeled " page 4 of 7 pages") ;

(c) the assumed dates of payment receipt and benefit pay-out within a policy year shall be clearly identified;

(d) if the age of the proposed insured is shown as a component of the tabular detail, it shall be issue age plus the numbers of years the policy is assumed to have been in force;

(e) the assumed payments on which the illustrated benefits and values are based shall be identified as premium outlay or contract premium, as applicable.  For policies that do not require a specific contract premium, the illustrated payments shall be identified as premium outlay;

(f) guaranteed death benefits and values available upon surrender, if any, for the illustrated premium outlay or contract premium shall be shown and clearly labeled guaranteed;

(g) if the illustration shows any non-guaranteed elements, they cannot be based on a scale more favorable to the policy owner than the insurer's illustrated scale at any duration.  These elements shall be clearly labeled non-guaranteed;

(h) the guaranteed elements, if any, shall be shown before corresponding non-guaranteed elements and shall be specifically referred to on any page of an illustration that shows or describes only the non-guaranteed elements (e.g., "see page one for guaranteed elements; " )

(i) the account or accumulation value of a policy, if shown, shall be identified by the name this value is given in the policy being illustrated and shown in close proximity to the corresponding value available upon surrender;

(j) the value available upon surrender shall be identified by the name this value is given in the policy being illustrated and shall be the amount available to the policy owner in a lump sum after deduction of surrender charges, policy loans and policy loan interest, as applicable;

(k) illustrations may show policy benefits and values in graphic or chart form in addition to the tabular form;

(l) any illustration of non-guaranteed elements shall be accompanied by a statement indicating that:

(i) the benefits and values are not guaranteed;

(ii) the assumptions on which they are based are subject to change by the insurer; and

(iii) actual results may be more or less favorable.

(m) if the illustration shows that the premium payer may have the option to allow policy charges to be paid using non-guaranteed values, the illustration must clearly disclose that a charge continues to be required and that, depending on actual results, the premium payer may need to continue or resume premium outlays.   Similar disclosure shall be made for premium outlay of lesser amounts or shorter durations than the contract premium.   If a contract premium is due, the premium outlay display shall not be left blank or show zero unless accompanied by an asterisk or similar mark to draw attention to the fact that the policy is not paid up;

(n) if the applicant plans to use dividends or policy values, guaranteed or non-guaranteed, to pay all or a portion of the contract premium or policy charges, or for any other purpose, the illustration may reflect those plans and the impact on future policy benefits and values.

History: Sec. 33-20-150, MCA; IMP, Sec. 33-18-202 and 33-20-150, MCA; NEW, 2001 MAR p. 2234, Eff. 1/1/02.

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