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8.22.3005    WALKING OVER

(1) If, at the time for saddling, only one horse shall have weighed out, that horse shall be ridden past the judge's stand to go to the post and then move over the course.   He shall then be deemed the winner.   In case of a walkover, the horse walking over shall receive:

(a) In overnight races, one-half of the winner's rightful share of first money.

(b) In stake races, one-half of the winner's share of the added money, plus all nomination, sustaining, subscription and entry fees.

(2) In case of a walkover, any money which by the conditions of the race would have been awarded to a horse placed second or lower in the race, shall, if contributed by the owners, be paid to the winner.   If it is a payment from any other source, it shall not be awarded.

(3) In case of a walkover involving an entry of two or more horses and the horses move over the course, these rules apply as to the division of the purse.

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