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(1) Wagering will only be permitted at a licensed fantasy sports parimutuel facility by means of a parimutuel system that has been approved by the board.

(2) No employee of the parimutuel network, parimutuel director, parimutuel facility, or hub operations may place a wager for the employee personally or any other person during the actual work period for which the employee is licensed as a parimutuel occupational employee.

(3) Any claim by a patron that a wrong ticket has been delivered must be made before leaving that parimutuel ticket window or parimutuel self service machine. No claim shall be considered after that time, and no claim shall be considered for tickets that are discarded, lost, changed, destroyed, or mutilated beyond identification. Payment will be made only upon presentation of appropriate parimutuel tickets.

(4) The parimutuel facility licensee shall not sell or cash parimutuel tickets to persons under 18 years of age. Signs indicating that persons under age 18 are not allowed to wager shall be conspicuously displayed near the selling and cashing windows.

(5) The parimutuel facility shall ensure that all parimutuel tickets sold on a sporting event during an administrative week are purchased or cashed from the regular ticket windows or parimutuel self service machine.

(6) All parimutuel facility employees working with parimutuel selling machines must be licensed by the board and given instructions by the facility manager, network director, or their designee prior to the start of their duties.

(7) The parimutuel facility shall make available to the public the actual winning amount to be paid for each winning ticket after results are made official.

(8) A parimutuel facility shall complete all forms summarizing eachadministrative week's mutuel operations, and verification of the payoff computations, and completion of such other forms as may be required by the network director or fantasy sports coordinator.

(9) The parimutuel network shall ensure payouts, pool totals, and winning combinations for each fantasy sports event are available to the public at each licensed parimutuel facility after the official results have been posted.

(10) The parimutuel facility shall conspicuously display rules at its licensed premises which govern wagering transactions with patrons. The rules must specify takeout amounts, the amounts to be paid on winning wagers, and the redemption period for winning tickets.

(11) The parimutuel network and network director are responsible for the accuracy of all payoff prices.

(12) The parimutuel network director shall prepare or have prepared a parimutuel recapitulation form at the end of each administrative week. The recapitulation form shall be provided to the fantasy sports coordinator or the board.

(13) The parimutuel network licensee may be required to furnish a certified public accountant, licensed to practice in Montana, with the following duties:

(a) completion of the forms summarizing each week's mutuel operation;

(b) verification of the payoff computations;

(c) completion of such other forms as may be required by the board; and

(d) submission of financial statements covering parimutuel operations for the fiscal year.

(14) The parimutuel network director must verify deposit of all receipts and submit statements showing parimutuel receipts, percentages retained, and such other information as may be required for the proper administration of the law to the fantasy sports coordinator and the board. The information shall be submitted within seven days after the close of the fantasy sports administrative week.

(15) The parimutuel network shall report to the fantasy sports coordinator and the board the total face value of all unclaimed winning tickets quarterly.

History: 23-4-104, 23-4-202, MCA; IMP, 23-4-202, 23-4-302, 23-4-304, 23-5-801, 23-5-805, MCA; NEW, 2008 MAR p. 1806, Eff. 8/29/08; TRANS, from 32.28.2209, 2015 MAR p. 2252, Eff. 12/25/15.

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