(1) To ensure the accuracy of the information reported pursuant to ARM 24.29.4321, the department may periodically verify the data by comparing the source documents with the information reported. Documents protected by the attorney-client privilege or attorney work-product doctrine are not subject to verification. At least 14 days advance notice of the time and place of the verification will be given to the insurer and designated reporting office. The insurer is responsible for full cooperation with the department during the verification process.

(2) All insurers are required to respond to requests by the department for information regarding claims or to resolve discrepancies in data collection within 14 days of the request from the department.

(3) The department may request insurers provide periodic information for the purpose of producing a study of a specific workers' compensation subject. Insurers will be asked to participate in the collection of the necessary data and will be given sufficient time to respond to the request.

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