(1) If a tariff or supplement to a tariff or a revised page is issued which is to displace a part of another tariff which is in force at the time, and which tariff is not thereby cancelled in full, it shall specifically state the portion of such other tariff or such other supplement which is thereby cancelled, and such other tariff shall at the same time be correspondingly amended, effective on the same date, in the regular way; that is, by reissue if tariff is of four pages or less, by reissue or supplement if tariff is of more than four pages, and by revised pages if tariff is a loose-leaf tariff. (See ARM 38.3.2801(2) and 38.3.2802) . Such reissue, supplement, or revised page must state where rates will thereafter be found and must be filed at the same time and in connection with the tariff or supplement which contains the new rates. Cancellation may be indicated substantially as follows: "cancels         PSC No.         , to the extent shown in supplement No.         thereto."

(2) A tariff cancelling more than one tariff in whole or in part must include a brief description of such tariffs. It will not be necessary to show on a commodity tariff or supplement reference to class tariffs that may be affected, nor to show on a class tariff or supplement reference to a commodity tariff.

(3) If a tariff is cancelled by the issuance of another tariff to take its place, cancellation notice must not be given by supplement, but by notice printed, in the new tariff, as provided in ARM 38.3.2606(1) (b) . (See ARM 38.3.2605.)

(4) Cancellation of a tariff also cancels supplements to such tariff, if any in effect.

History: Sec. 69-12-201, MCA; IMP, Title 69, Chapter 12, Part 5, MCA; Eff. 12/31/72.