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                                         RECENT RULEMAKING BY AGENCY


The Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) is a compilation of existing permanent rules of those executive agencies that have been designated by the Montana Administrative Procedure Act for inclusion in the ARM. The ARM is updated through June 30, 2023. This table includes notices in which those rules adopted during the period May 12, 2023, through October 20, 2023, occurred and any proposed rule action that was pending during the past 6-month period. (A notice of adoption must be published within six months of the published notice of the proposed rule.)  This table does not include the contents of this issue of the Montana Administrative Register (MAR or Register).


To be current on proposed and adopted rulemaking, it is necessary to check the ARM updated through June 30, 2023, this table, and the table of contents of this issue of the Register.


This table indicates the department name, title number, notice numbers in ascending order, the subject matter of the notice, and the page number(s) at which the notice is published in the 2023 Montana Administrative Register.


To aid the user, this table includes rulemaking actions of such entities as boards and commissions listed separately under their appropriate title number.


ADMINISTRATION, Department of, Title 2


2-59-639         Bank Semiannual Assessments, p. 599, 869

2-59-640         Renewal Fees of Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Lenders, Mortgage Servicers, and Mortgage Loan Originators, p. 602, 870


(Public Employees' Retirement Board)

2-43-641         Application Process for Disability Benefits, p. 1201


(Montana Tax Appeal Board)

2-51-629         Model Procedural Rules - Orders of the Board - Decision by the Board, p. 596, 868


AGRICULTURE, Department of, Title 4


4-23-277         Nonrefundable Application Fees, p. 923

4-23-279         Annual Report and Assessment Fees, p. 925

4-23-280         State Grain Lab Fee Schedule, p. 927


STATE AUDITOR, Office of, Title 6


6-275               Approved Risk List, p. 317, 476

6-276               Fire Premium Allocation - Presumptively Reasonable Allocations, p. 460, 605, 871

6-277               Bail Bond Documents, p. 534, 872

6-278               Status of Carriers as Small Insurer Health Carriers, p. 608, 876

6-279               Classification Review Committee Agency Organization, Administrative Appeal of a Classification Decision, Telephone and Electronic Hearings, and Establishment, Deletion, or Revision of Classifications for Various Industries for Supplementing the NCCI Basic Manual for Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability, p. 724, 1085

6-280               Continuing Education Program for Insurance Producers and Consultants, p. 778, 1397

6-281               Regulatory Sandbox Waivers, p. 782, 1398

6-282               Network Adequacy for Managed Care Plans, p. 1401

6-283               Quality Assurance for Managed Care Plans, p. 1403


COMMERCE, Department of, Title 8


8-94-204         Administration of the Montana Historic Preservation Grant (MHPG) Program, p. 1118

8-111-200       Public Participation - Incorporation of Model Rules - Meetings of the Board - Definitions, p. 200, 402

8-111-202       Board of Housing Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and Coal Trust Multifamily Homes Loan Programs, p. 936, 1405

8-111-203       Administration of the Emergency Shelter Facility Grant (ESFG) Program, p. 949




(Office of Public Instruction)

10-75-101       Montana Indian Language Preservation Grants, p. 681, 1086


FISH, WILDLIFE AND PARKS, Department of, Title 12


12-596             Closing the Bjornberg Bridge Fishing Access Site in Phillips County, p. 405, 449

12-597             Closing the Alkali Creek Fishing Access Site in Phillips County, p. 407, 450

12-598             Closing the Cree Crossing Wildlife Management Area on the Milk River in Phillips County, p. 409, 451

12-599             Closing the Truly Bridge Fishing Access Site in Cascade County, p. 477, 564

12-601             Partial Closure of the Jefferson River From the Williams Bridge Fishing Access Site to the Meridian Bridge in Jefferson County, p. 518

12-602             Closing the Alder Bridge Fishing Access Site on the Ruby River in Madison County, p. 520, 565

12-603             Public Use Rules of the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks Public Lands, p. 952

12-604             Closing the Rosebud Isle Fishing Access Site in Stillwater County, p. 667

12-605             Closing the Yellowstone River Near the Twin Bridges Road Railroad Bridge in Stillwater County, p. 669

12-608             Closing the Holmgren Ranch Fishing Access Site on the Yellowstone River in Stillwater County, p. 703

12-609             Partial Closure of the Marshall Creek Wildlife Management Area in Missoula County, p. 761

12-610             Partial Closure of the Flathead and Clark Fork Rivers in Sanders County, p. 877

12-611             Closing the Kookoosint Fishing Access Site in Sanders County, p. 880

12-612             Closing the Paradise Crossing Fishing Access Site in Sanders County, p. 882

12-613             Closing the Full Curl Wildlife Management Area in Sanders County, p. 884


(Fish and Wildlife Commission)

12-606             Brinkman Game Preserve, p. 611

12-614             Grizzly Bears, p. 1043, 1204

12-615             Control Methods of the Gray Wolf Include Nonlethal and Legal Means, p. 1121


(State Parks and Recreation Board)

12-607             Smith River Bonus Point Permit System, p. 976


GOVERNOR, Office of the, Title 14


14-8                 Sage Grouse Habitat Quantification Tool Designation, p. 1123


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY, Department of, Title 17


17-429             Modernizing Application and Notice Requirements - Allowing for Electronic-Only Submittal and Use of Modern Mapping Technologies - Eliminating Requirements Related to Temporary Construction Camps - General Housekeeping Updates, p. 373, 764

17-430             Review of Sanitation Facilities in Subdivisions Such as Water Wells, Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems and Stormwater Amenities - Amendment to Circular DEQ-4 and Circular DEQ-20, p. 786

17-431             Incorporation by Reference of the Most Recent Version of the Montana Ambient Air Monitoring Program Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), p. 806

17-432A          Transfer of Rulemaking Authority From the Board of Environmental Review to the Department of Environmental Quality, p. 1050

17-432B          Transfer of Rulemaking Authority From the Board of Environmental Review to the Department of Environmental Quality, p. 1125

17-432C          Transfer of Rulemaking Authority From the Board of Environmental Review to the Department of Environmental Quality, p. 1136

17-432D          Transfer of Rulemaking Authority From the Board of Environmental Review to the Department of Environmental Quality, p. 1212

17-433             Montana Ground Water Pollution Control System Permits, p. 1228


TRANSPORTATION, Department of, Title 18


18-190             Motor Carrier Services Safety Requirements, p. 389, 566

18-191             Alternative Project Delivery Methods, p. 503, 705

18-192             Utility and Eligible Project Right-of-Way Occupancy, p. 613, 1012

18-193             Fuel Tax Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Program, p. 463, 706

18-194             Refunds of Gasoline and Special Fuel Tax, p. 466, 671

18-195             Tax on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, p. 809, 1186

18-196             Overdimensional Permit Requirements, p. 980, 1406


CORRECTIONS, Department of, Title 20


JUSTICE, Department of, Title 23


23-3-272         Driver Licensing and Licensing Operators of Commercial Motor Vehicles, p. 506, 766

23-3-273         Licensing Operations of Commercial Motor Vehicles, p. 728, 1089

23-12-274       Criminal History Information Provided by the Department to Qualified Entities, p. 1072

23-12-275       Montana Law Enforcement Academy, p. 1090


(Public Safety Officers Standards and Training Council)

23-13-269       Certification of Public Safety Officers, p. 174, 479


(Board of Crime Control)

23-14-271       Board of Crime Control, p. 392, 567


LABOR AND INDUSTRY, Department of, Title 24


Boards under the Business Standards Division are listed in alphabetical order by chapter following the department notices.


24-12-405       Displaced Homemaker Program, p. 537, 767

24-17-407       Prevailing Wages, p. 1240

24-22-400       Incumbent Worker Training, p. 223, 568

24-23-404       Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit, p. 511, 769

24-29-399       Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Schedule, p. 319, 522

24-29-403       Utilization and Treatment Guidelines - Drug Formulary for Workers' Compensation Purposes, p. 398, 523

24-101-406     Renewal Dates and Requirements, p. 733, 1092

24-150-42       Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser Program, p. 984

24-160-1         Pediatric Complex Care Assistant License, p. 833, 1412

24-182-36       Board of Private Security, p. 836


(Alternative Health Care Board)

24-111-28       Midwife Prescribing, p. 542, 886

24-111-29       Acupuncturist Licensing, p. 738, 1093, 1187


(Board of Medical Examiners)

24-156-94       Physician Assistants, p. 813, 1149

24-156-95       General Revisions, p. 819, 1407

24-156-96       Montana Health Corps, p. 828, 1410

24-156-97       Supervision of Physician Assistant, p. 1243


(Board of Nursing)

24-159-93       Continuing Education, p. 560

24-159-94       Informational Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Proposed 2023 Rulemaking by the Interstate Commission of Nurse Licensure Compact Administrators, p. 483

24-159-95       Board of Nursing, p. 747


(Board of Optometry)

24-168-45       General Revisions, p. 994


(Board of Psychologists)

24-189-44       Board of Psychologists, p. 1245


(Board of Real Estate Appraisers)

24-207-47       Fees - Practical Application of Real Estate Appraisal, p. 754, 1095


(Board of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists)

24-222-29       Board of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, p. 1267


LIVESTOCK, Department of, Title 32


32-23-336       Department of Livestock Meat Inspection and Milk and Egg Bureau Fees, p. 226, 452

32-23-338       Issuance of Permits, p. 688, 1189

32-23-339       Diagnostic Laboratory Fees, p. 690, 1190

32-23-340       Records to Be Kept, p. 860

32-23-342       Testing Within the DSA, p. 1282

32-23-343       Garbage Feeding, p. 1284

32-23-344       Animal Health Division Fees, p. 1287


MILITARY AFFAIRS, Department of, Title 34


34-11               Application of Reimbursement for Service Members' Group Life Insurance Premiums, p. 863, 1191




36-22-217       Bitterroot Valley Sanitary Landfill Controlled Groundwater Area, p. 514, 1018

36-22-218       Navigable Waterways, p. 758

36-22-219       Water Right Permitting, p. 1151


(Board of Oil and Gas Conservation)

36-22-220       Adoption of Forms - Reports by Producers, Tax Report, and Tax Rate, p. 1290




37-1006          Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), p. 228, 480

37-1011          Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, p. 245, 481

37-1017          Emergency Medical Services, p. 620, 1020

37-1023          Updating Medicaid and Non-Medicaid Provider Rates, Fee Schedules, and Effective Dates, p. 252, 482

37-1025          Developmental Disabilities Program Incident Reporting and Handling, p. 865

37-1026          Trauma Facility Designation, p. 1001

37-1028          Applied Behavior Analysis Services, p. 468, 902

37-1029          Increase of Laboratory Fees, p. 1007

37-1030          Hospice Reimbursement, p. 472, 672

37-1033          Chemical Dependency Programs - Medicaid Mental Health Services, p. 693

37-1035          Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Program, p. 643

37-1036          Developmental Disabilities Program Reimbursement for Services, p. 698, 1023

37-1037          Updating Medicaid and Non-Medicaid Provider Rates, Fee Schedules, and Effective Dates, p. 646, 1025

37-1038          Nursing Facility Reimbursement, p. 663, 1032

37-1039          Chemical Dependency Programs and Medicaid Mental Health Services, p. 1292

37-1044          Licensure of Day Care Facilities, p. 1297


PUBLIC SERVICE REGULATION, Department of, Title 38


38-3-250         Deregulation of Class C Motor Carriers in Montana's Motor Carrier Act, p. 1076

38-5-260         Construction of Utility Lines and Facilities, p. 152, 322, 524

38-5-261         Optional Filing Standards for Electric, Gas, Water, and Sewer Utilities, p. 1183


REVENUE, Department of, Title 42


42-1066          Montana Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (Title 16, chapter 12, MCA) - Marijuana Testing Laboratory Licensees, p. 570

42-1067          Property Tax Abatements for Gray Water Systems, p. 1010


SECRETARY OF STATE, Office of, Title 44


44-2-264         Business Services Annual Report Filing Fee Waiver in 2024, p. 9, 525

44-2-265         Third-Party Testing of Voting Systems, p. 1082



(Office of the Commissioner of Political Practices)

44-2-266         Contribution Limits, p. 1394




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