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24.301.714    FEES

(1) Prior to the department issuing an operating certificate for a boiler, the applicant shall make payment to the department the applicable fee(s) as required by 50-74-219 , MCA. The fees established are as follows:

(a) operating certificate                                                                              $36

(b) internal inspection                                                                                  80

(c) external inspection:

(i) hot water heating and supply                                                                  40

(ii) steam heating                                                                                         55

(iii) power boiler                                                                                           75

(d) special inspection 50 per hour plus expenses

(2) The owner and/or user of a boiler, inspected by a special boiler inspector and insured by an insurance company, shall, within ten days of receipt of notification from the department, remit the operating certificate fee, as outlined in (1)(a), to obtain a boiler operating certificate from the department.

(3) The operating certificate fee is required for each boiler inspected.

(4) Refunds or credit for fees remitted in error or based on false or incorrect information will be at the discretion of the department.

(5) The fee schedule established in (1) is repeated from 50-74-219, MCA, for the convenience of boiler owners and users.


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