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(1) Upon consideration of the discretion and advice of the local health officer as defined in ARM 37.114.101, any dog, cat, or ferret, regardless of current rabies vaccination status, which bites or otherwise exposes a person must be confined and observed at an animal shelter, veterinary facility, or other adequate facility for ten days from the date of exposure.

(2) If any sign of illness develops in the isolated animal, it is to be evaluated by a licensed veterinarian and if in their judgment it is warranted, the animal may be humanely destroyed and the brain or other suitable tissue tested in a qualified laboratory for rabies. Any stray or unwanted wild or domestic animal that bites a person may be killed immediately and the head submitted to a laboratory for a rabies examination.

(3) Any dog, cat, or ferret that is subject to confinement and observation under (1) and that does not have a current rabies vaccination, may not be vaccinated during the ten-day confinement period.

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