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32.3.1401    DEFINITIONS

(1) "Equidae or equids" include all horses (E. cabalus), asses (E. asinus), zebras (e. equiferus), their crosses, and other members of the equidae family as determined by the state veterinarian.

(2) "Equine infectious anemia" (EIA) is an infectious, contagious and potentially fatal viral disease of equidae.

(3) "Exposed equids" are equidae that have been in a herd with reactors or have been in contact with a reactor for seven days or more at a distance of less than 200 yards or as determined by the state veterinarian to be otherwise at risk of being exposed via natural or iatrogenic means.

(4) "Official EIA test report forms" are the USDA, APHIS VS form 10-11 or other similar form approved by the USDA and the state veterinarian. A completed form must contain official identification of the equid and must list the owner's name, the address and county of the animal's home premise, the name and address of the authorized individual collecting the test sample, the laboratory name and address, and the individual's name that conducted the test. The EIA test document must list one animal only.

(5) "Official identification" of equine tested for EIA is a description of the equine to include the following: age, sex, breed, color, the animal's name, distinctive markings (e.g., color patterns, scars, or blemishes), and other forms of permanent identification (e.g., brands, tattoos, or microchips). In the absence of any distinctive color markings or any form of visible permanent identification (brands, tattoos, or scars) the animal must be identified by showing the location of all hair whorls, vortices or cow licks with an "X" on the illustration provided on an official form. Other forms of identification may be used as they are developed and approved by the state veterinarian.

(6) "Official tests" for EIA must include the AGID test, the C-ELISA test, and other EIA tests approved by the USDA and the state veterinarian and conducted by an approved individual at an approved laboratory.

(7) A "reactor" is an equid that is AGID test positive. It must be declared to be infected with EIA and must be designated as an EIA reactor.

(8) A "suspect" is an equid that is positive on any official test for EIA. It must be declared an EIA suspect and subject to additional testing pending final classification.


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