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(1) The department has designated the following alternative livestock as "restricted species" on the basis of specific animal health risks that they pose to wildlife and/or domestic livestock:

(a) The importation of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and moose (Alces alces) into Montana is restricted until such time the state veterinarian approves a diagnostic technique and test protocols for the detection of meningeal worm parasites and dorsal spined larvae. No animal with positive test results for meningeal worm or dorsal spined larvae may be imported into Montana.

(i) The state veterinarian may approve new technology and test protocols for the detection of meningeal worm parasites and/or larvae as they are developed.

(b) Importation of reindeer (Rangifer sp.) into Montana is restricted except under the following conditions:

(i) All animals in the shipment originate in a herd located south of the Canada/U.S. border that is certified brucellosis (B. suis and B. abortus) and tuberculosis free as determined by whole herd testing; and

(ii) Imports from Canada and Alaska may be imported if they meet testing requirements and have resided in another state for one year and all female animals have had one calf.

(c) Species susceptible to chronic wasting disease may not be imported from a geographic area or alternative livestock premises where chronic wasting disease is endemic or has been diagnosed within 50 miles within the previous five years. The county of origin must have a wildlife surveillance program that has been reviewed and approved by the state veterinarian.

(2) In the family Bovidae, the department has designated as prohibited species all members of the following genera and hybrids thereof:

(a) Subfamily Hippotraginae:

(i) Connochaetes (wildebeests);

(ii) Alcelaphus (hartebeests); and

(iii) Damaliscus (sassabies: blesbok, bontebok, topi).

(3) The department shall restrict from importation for purposes of alternative livestock farming any cloven hoofed ungulate species or subspecies and their hybrids with native species that have been classified by the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks under the authority of 87-4-424, MCA, as posing a threat to native wildlife or livestock.

(4) Reclassification by the department of any species listed as prohibited or restricted is contingent upon compelling scientific information indicating the risks posed by these species to native wildlife populations and/or domestic livestock can be eliminated or managed effectively through new diagnostic techniques or management technologies.


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