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(1)An applicant shall provide a well log report and supplement no later than 60 days after drilling the well.

(2)All applicants, when filing a well log report and supplement, shall provide the following information:

(a)2 acre land description (, section, township and range) ;

(b)ground elevation at well head;

(c)well depth;

(d)ground water level in well (static) ;

(e)flow rate or maximum pump rate;

(f)ground water temperature measured at well head; and

(g)specific conductance of the wells ground water.

(3) the Compact requires that with each ground water development the specific conductance and temperature of the water encountered be measured and recorded on the well log report form, or supplement provided by the BWRRO.

(4) the temperature that must be reported on the well log report form is of the water produced when the well is completed.This should be taken at the end of an air test or pumping period and only after the temperature of the water has remained constant for several minutes.The water sample for specific conductance must be collected and recorded using the same procedure.The temperature of the water could increase during an air test if the air is hot and especially if the yield of the well is low.Therefore, if the water temperature is 60F or more during an air test, it is recommended that the well be pumped to more accurately determine the water temperature.

(5)Water samples taken for the purpose of testing specific conductance should be placed in a clean plastic or glass container that holds at least 8 fluid ounces (250 ml) .The BWRRO has sample bottles available and will provide the sample bottles to water well drillers who operate in the area on a regular basis.The sample bottle must be filled and capped with as little air in the container as possible.The container must be labeled with a name and address, department permit application number, date collected, and who collected the sample.The samples should be delivered to the BWRRO or make other arrangements to get the sample tested.

History: 85-20-401, MCA, Article IV; IMP, 85-20-401, MCA, Article IV. I. 5. ; NEW, 1997 MAR p. 469, Eff. 3/11/97.

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