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(1) The construction permit application for the construction of a new dam must be made on plan sheets no larger than 24 x 36 inches or smaller than 21 x 30 inches. Construction details on the plans should be sufficiently complete to accurately lay out the structure and build it.

(2) The plans must be detailed illustrations that include as a minimum the following:

(a) a cover sheet indicating the name of the project, index of drawings, designated access to the project, and the location with respect to highways, roads, and streams;

(b) certifications by the engineer and the owner must be placed on the title sheet (first sheet) of the drawings. The certifications must be similar to those presented in examples 1 and 2.



Certification by Engineer


I hereby certify that these plans for the (insert the correct word or words choosing from: construction of the; repair of the; enlargement of the; alteration of the; or removal of the)                                                  Dam were

                     Name of Dam

prepared by me (or under my direct supervision) for the owners thereof.


(                ENGINEER'S   )                                                                                                            

(                                           )                                                     Firm Name

(                  SEAL              )                                                                                                             

(                                           )                                                     Engineer



(ii) EXAMPLE 2


                   Certification by Owner


I,                                                                                                             , owner, whose

                                         Name of Owner

Post Office Address is,                                                                                                      ,

                                                      Owner's Address,

Zip                               , do hereby accept and approve these plans and will cause the dam to be constructed pursuant to these plans and specifications and any authorized changes.




(c)site maps that include but are not limited to:

(i) plan view of site including embankment, and emergency spillway;

(ii) topography of structure site including all topographic features;

(iii) land ownership;

(iv) base lines;

(v) center line of embankment and emergency spillway;

(vi) property lines and fence lines;

(vii) construction limits;

(viii) utility lines and pipelines;

(ix) roads, highways, and railroads (with names) ;

(x) bench marks to mean sea level;

(xi) borrow areas and waste areas;

(xii) clearing and grubbing areas;

(xiii) waterways, diversions, and channel improvements;

(xiv) wells;

(xv) fence removal and construction;

(xvi) scale and north arrow;

(xvii) location of springs, seeps, underground mines, mine drainage and openings, the sub drain system; and

(xviii) project stationing, cross-sections, borings and test pits, instrumentation, reference points and other pertinent data shall be included;

(d) a profile along the dam axis and borrow area showing the locations, elevations, and depths of borings or test pits, including logs of bore hole(s) and test pits;

(e) a maximum cross-section of the dam showing elevation and width of crest, slopes of upstream and downstream faces, thickness of riprap, zoning of earth embankment, location of internal drains and filters, core trenches, elevation size and type of outlet conduit, valves, operating mechanism, and dimensions of all other essential structural elements;

(f) details of the outlet works. This should include the intake structure, the gate system, drawings that show conduit details, the trash rack, and the downstream outlet structure;

(g) plan, profile, and control section of all the spillways, including details of any concrete work, complex control structures, concrete chutes, or energy dissipating devices;

(h) drawings showing sub drains, anti-seep mechanisms, and other pertinent structures;

(i) foundation plan showing limits of excavation, construction keying the dam to the foundation and the abutments, and construction to control seepage:

(j) details of diversion scheme if applicable;

(k) location and types of instrumentation of drainage and/or seepage control facilities; and

(l) other drawings, schedules, and notes required for construction and technical review of appurtenant structures.

History: Sec. 85-15-110, MCA; IMP, Sec. 85-15-210, MCA; NEW, 1988 MAR p. 2489, Eff. 11/24/88.

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