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36.21.638    LOCATION OF WELLS

(1) At a minimum, unless contamination risk is evident, water wells shall not be located within:

(a) 50 feet of septic tanks, and underground storage tanks and associated lines; or

(b) 100 feet of drainfields, seepage pits or cesspools, unregulated sewage lagoons, or other site treatment systems; or

(c) 1,000 feet of regulated sewage lagoons; wells less than 1,000 feet setback must be in compliance with the Department of Environmental Quality under ARM 17.30.1702.

(2) Water wells should not be located within:

(a) 10 feet of property lines unless properly protected by easement or agreement;

(b) 10 feet of sewer lines with permanent watertight joints; or

(c) 50 feet of other sewer lines.

(3) Contractors should contact local flood plain administrators for rules pertaining to wells in flood plain areas.


History: 37-43-202, MCA; IMP, 37-43-202, MCA; NEW, 1986 MAR p. 1699, Eff. 10/17/86; AMD, 1997 MAR p. 65, Eff. 1/17/97; AMD, 2019 MAR p. 851, Eff. 6/22/19.

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