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(1) The provider must submit to the department, upon its request, any reports required by federal or state law or regulation.

(2) The provider must maintain a record regarding each resident in the home which contains at least the following information:

(a) name, address, and telephone number of next of kin or legal guardian;

(b) name, address, and telephone number of person or agency responsible for placing the resident in the home and a copy of the resident agreement;

(c) date of admission;

(d) the name and address of the resident's practitioner and hospital;

(e) any incident reports regarding the resident;

(f) any grievance lodged by the resident;

(g) medication records as described in ARM 37.100.151;

(h) a signed medical authorization form by the resident or resident's legal representative allowing the provider to obtain needed medical information regarding the resident;

(i) documentation of medical appointments or consultations and results;

(j) a signed copy of the resident rights statement as required in ARM 37.100.137; and

(k) a copy of the resident's treatment plan or case plan, if placed through the Mental Health Foster Care Program or the department's Developmental Services Division.

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