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(1) Each emergency medical service must meet the following personnel standards:

(a) All personnel functioning on the emergency medical service must have current certificates, licenses, proof of training, or evidence of legal authorization to function.

(b) Emergency medical services personnel may use only that equipment and perform those skills for which they are trained, certified, or licensed and legally permitted to use.

(c) When functioning under the conditions defined in ARM 24.156.2771, a licensed service may use EMTs licensed in another state.

(d) EMTs on licensed services may carry and administer auto-injectors as provided for in ARM 24.156.2771.

(2) All ambulances must have at least one of the required personnel as set forth in ARM 37.104.316, 37.104.319, 37.104.326, 37.104.329, 37.104.401, and 37.104.404 attending the patient, and, when providing care at an advanced life support level, the person licensed at the corresponding level must attend the patient.

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