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(1) All bedding, towels, and other laundered items must be mechanically washed and hot air dried in laundry facilities which meet the following requirements:

(a) The wash cycle must run with sufficient detergent and for a time demonstrated to thoroughly remove all visible soil.

(b) Laundered items must be thoroughly hot air tumble dried to at least 130ºF (54ºC) for ten minutes.

(2) Clean laundry must be kept protected from contamination from soiled laundry and other sources by the following:

(a) using separate labeled carts or containers for transportation;

(b) providing sufficient space for sorting, folding, and storage; and

(c) washing hands between touching soiled and clean laundry.

(3) Laundry facilities must have a convenient handwashing sink, hand soap, disposable towels, and trash can.

(4) If the hand sink is used for soaking laundry, it must be accessible for handwashing when needed.


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