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(1) The licensee or manager of any campground or trailer court must take immediate measures to alleviate public health or sanitation hazards presented by the presence of solid waste at the campground or trailer court.

(2) The grounds, buildings and structures of a campground or trailer court must be maintained free of harborage for insects, rodents, and other vermin. Extermination methods and other measures to control insects and rodents must conform with the requirements of the local health authority.

(3) Each campground and trailer court, with the exception of a primitive campground, must meet the following standards:

(a) All areas must be maintained free of accumulations of litter, rubbish, debris, burnable materials, or standing water which may provide rodent harborage or breeding places for flies, mosquitoes, rodents, and other pests.

(b) Where potential for rodent infestation exists, storage areas and vegetative growth must be maintained so as to prevent rodent harborage.

(c) Where the potential for insect and rodent infestation exists, any skirting of trailers must be of a type and construction which will not provide harborage. Where trailers are skirted, an access opening must be provided near service connections.

(d) The growth of brush, weeds and grass must be controlled to prevent harborage of noxious insects and other vermin. Vegetation and waste materials creating rodent harborage are not allowed within 100 feet of established structures.

(e) Campgrounds and trailer courts must be maintained to prevent the growth of noxious weeds considered detrimental to health.

(f) Trailer court roadways must be maintained in a manner that minimizes exposure of residences to continuing dust problems.

(g) All electrical cords used at a campground or trailer court must be in good repair. Driving over cords is prohibited.

(4) The licensee and manager of the campground or trailer court are responsible for ensuring that the requirements of this rule are met.

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