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(1) The person to whom a license is issued shall operate the campground or trailer court in compliance with this subchapter and shall provide adequate supervision to maintain the campground or trailer court, its facilities, and equipment in good repair and in a clean and sanitary condition. If a trailer court has a wastewater treatment or water treatment plant that requires an operator certified under Title 37, chapter 42, MCA, the person shall demonstrate to the department that he or she has retained a certified operator for the trailer court.

(2) The licensee of a trailer court shall have a manager on duty to maintain the trailer court and its facilities in accordance with this subchapter and the act. The manager shall have authority to take immediate actions, including actions requiring expenditure of funds, to correct public health problems as they occur. The licensee shall ensure that all trailer court occupants are given an address and telephone number where the manager can be reached at all times. If the manager is not a resident at the trailer court, the manager shall visit the trailer court as often as necessary to ensure that these requirements are met.

(3) Signs must be placed in conspicuous places indicating restrictions placed on the types of trailers permitted in a general services or limited services campground, based on the type and amount of facilities provided.

(4) Each campsite and trailer space in a general services or limited services campground must be clearly marked with an identification number or other symbol.

(5) Addresses or identification numbers must be clearly marked on each mobile home lot in a trailer court.

(6) Every licensee or manager operating a campground shall notify the department or local health authority immediately of any suspected communicable or contagious disease within the campground.

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